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11-12th  GRADE


Looking for a stress-free senior year?  Starting in the fall/winter of their 11th grade year, your student receives personalized support launching the college application process.  Their individualized action plan includes:

  • family meetings (2)

  • self-assessments & major exploration

  • career night webinars

  • electronic communication, updates & tracking

  • participation in our exclusive summer essay boot camp  

From crafting an authentic and compelling personal statement to writing distinctive responses to college-specific questions, our team of coaches keeps your child on the path to success.


  • Fall - 11th Grade
  • Spring - 11th Grade


Family Meetings (2)

  • College List

  • Standardized Testing

  • Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • Demonstrating Interest

  • Self-Assessments to Generate Majors/Careers


Family Meetings

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  • Ongoing Throughout Program​


Electronic Connection

  • Custom College Plan Software
  • "Conversations With Emily" Posts
  • College Task Tracker
  • College Research
  • Emails & Texts 
  • Post-Boot Camp Fall Follow-Up


Electronic Connection

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  • Fall &Winter of Junior Year, including career nights

Online Webinars

  • Self-Assessments (Majors/Careers)
  • Enrichment/ Extra-Curriculars
  • College Research
  • Activity List
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Boot Camp Prep

Online Webinars

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  • Summer Before Senior Year


Boot Camp

  • Common App:

    • Personal Statement

    • Activities List

    • Why Major?

    • Why College X?

  • UW Application

  • UC Application

    • Personal Insight Q's


Boot Camps

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Want more support?  Upgrade to a PREMIUM PACKAGE which includes all of the above components PLUS individual bi-monthly student/family meetings with Emily.

11th-12th Grade MCGP Premium Package by arrangement only.

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