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"Without Emily, I would be struggling like the rest of my classmates to complete my applications on time. Senior year is stressful enough. I didn’t want to worry about applications as well. It was hard to write essays in the summer but ultimately it saved so much stress."

- Holy Names Academy, Seattle

"I really want to thank you once again for your mentoring throughout my college application process. Trust me, it made a huge difference in my confidence level which allowed me to stay on top of things during senior year. I was accepted by Santa Clara University and received enough financial aid to make enrollment possible!!!"

- Ingraham HS, Seattle

"My Application Game Plan’s essay boot camp was something short of a miracle; my writing was transformed. As we bounced essays back-and-forth, my writing took a step up with each round of feedback and revision. But camp was more than just writing. Working together, as you encouraged me to self-reflect, I learned more about myself as a person than ever before. I don't know how else to put it, but without this writing camp and your help, I don't think I would have had a chance to get into half of the colleges I applied to. Thank you!

- Carlmont HS, Bay Area

"I just committed to UW today! I got into all of the schools I applied to, and I know I couldn't have done it without your help, so thank you! All of the scholarships I got were merit based. I know starting the process early and completing all of the revisions really helped my applications. Go Dawgs!"

- Shorecrest HS, Seattle

“Before working with Emily & Pam, I had ideas of what parts of my life to share with colleges but I didn’t know how to write the essays comprehensively or true to the message I wanted to show. Through My Application Game Plan, I received lots of assistance and insight on the stories I wanted to share.  I left the writing camp with many solidified pieces of writing I could be proud of!"

- Roosevelt HS, Seattle

“The essay writing boot camp improved my chances of getting into the college of my choice dramatically. At the beginning, I had a rough essay without a clear vision. Emily and Pam helped me refocus my efforts in a new direction, resulting in a high quality essay. I am incredibly grateful for the feedback and support provided. Thank you!"

- Shorecrest HS, Seattle

"As a recruited college athlete, with Emily's help, I was able to write an application that I felt completely confident with. Emily didn't just help me write a good essay, she provided insight on what specific colleges look for and told me the underlying intention in each prompt. There were aspects of myself I hadn't even known would be important to a college that with Emily's help I was able to include in my application."

- Holy Names Academy, Seattle


“The college application process has been a smooth one during Eric’s Senior year. Working with you on his essays/applications were a major part of creating that smoothness. He was completely finished with applying to his top choices by November. He was accepted to 2 of his top 3 schools early in the school year. That allowed him time to relax & encouraged him to continue working hard on his grades. We are SO grateful he worked with you!”

- Edmonds Woodway HS, Edmonds WA

"Our son worked in high school to earn good grades and we did not want him to arrive at senior year and realize there were things he -- or we -- missed that put his chances of getting into a college of his choice out of reach.  So, we started working with Emilly in his sophomore year.  And YES, at our first meeting, we found out that, for example, he needed to take another year of language.”

- Shorecrest HS, Seattle

"You have been an immense resource for us and I personally think you are a genius at how you can work so efficiently with all the complexities of the process and guide students to give their best message in an authentic way.  Plus you are a really kind person!"

- Garfield HS, Seattle

"We are very happy to have worked with Emily and are definitely planning on having our 3rd child do so as well. Emily does not do the work for the student, but she helps with understanding the landscape, advises on selecting schools, and coaches the students through completing their two main essays (Common App and UC), plus their supplemental essays if the student is able. She stays on top of news related to college apps and is an encouraging guide."

- Carlmont HS, Bay Area

"Thanks so much for all your work with our daughter.  Your program was excellent for her and I’m thankful we found you.  I will definitely give you 5 stars when speaking to anyone gearing up for the college application experience!"

- Garfield HS, Seattle

"Thank you again for everything Emily.  You pushed our daughter to dig deep and reveal herself.  That's something that we parents could never have done."

- Kings HS , Seattle

"I believe that the personal statement our son prepared during camp with you and Pam was a real game changer. You helped him identify what makes him unique and represent his values. After that, everything else on the applications became cohesive, and I think it allowed reviewers to get a genuine glimpse of the best parts of him. I enthusiastically recommend your services to anyone, and I hope to be able to work with you again when it is our younger son's turn."

- Bishop Blanchet HS, Seattle

"You have gone ABOVE and BEYOND the call. I can’t tell you how much it means to us. You are a blessing to us!"

- Carlmont HS , Bay Area

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