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My Application Game Plan

Would you like to enjoy a stress-free senior year?  With our Application Game Plan program, you can!  Beginning with a personal family meeting, students launch their college application process. With access to specialized college software, electronic communication with our team, and participation in our application workshop series, students receive guidance throughout their junior year.


Our work together culminates in My Application Game Plan's essay boot camp.  During this week-long, writing intensive experience, students complete their personal statement and other college essays. Enrollment is limited to 10 per session. Instructor to student ratio is 5:1.



My College Game Plan

The arrival of the high school years and the college application process can be intimidating for students and parents alike.  It doesn’t have to be!    


MCGP provides timely, expert guidance to develop plans for high school and college.  Families learn key application strategies for their college planning, ready to participate in our comprehensive application program for 11th-12th graders.


With MCGP, we help you chart your successful high school and college pathway. 

A Unique Program for Athletes

Are you a student-athlete interested in pursuing your sport in college? If so, we offer a supplemental, personalized program to help you.


MCGP advisors bring a wealth of knowledge to the recruiting process for our clients who dream of playing their sport in college.  We have coached in high school and college, are former DI athletes ourselves, and have run successful camps and programs.  We have helped dozens of student-athletes gain a roster spot in college at their preferred schools.  

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